Milton B.
Freshman, John Jay College 

An aspiring lawyer, Milton plans to major in Criminal Justice. As a child growing up in Brooklyn, he was fascinated by legal shows on television and began to read law books with the help of an older cousin. His interest in law and politics later led him to become involved in his high school’s Model UN and debate teams. In addition, Milton volunteered during the general presidential election to help get out the vote.

Milton plans to take full advantage of every academic opportunity in order to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. He has already begun laying the groundwork for success by interning at a law office and serving as a youth advocate at his foster care agency. His ability to speak on behalf of his fellow youth in foster care will serve him well on his path to a legal career, and NYFC is excited to be a part of his journey.

Katherine V.
Freshman, John Jay College

Katherine entered foster care at the age of three with her younger brother. When her personal circumstances seemed overwhelming, school remained the one constant in Katherine’s life. She always enjoyed learning and took comfort in the stability that school provided. Katherine is thrilled to be the first member of her family to attend college and hopes that her brother will follow in her footsteps.

Katherine will be majoring in psychology, which she hopes will enable her to pursue her dream of working with youth in foster care some day. Katherine is also active in her local community and currently serves on the Youth Council of her foster care agency. Katherine is a bright, outgoing young woman and will be a wonderful addition to the NYFC Guardian Scholars Program. 


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