Melissa S.
Freshman, Hunter College

Melissa is currently a freshman at Hunter College majoring in Nursing. She is a goal-oriented and motivated individual who has always made education her top priority. At the age of 15, she had a son and had to learn quickly to be both a mother and a student. Despite this, she was determined to succeed in school not only to accomplish her own personal goals but to provide a better life for her son. Coming from a family where many did not attend college, she felt the responsibility to be a role model for her siblings and her son. Upon graduating, Melissa plans to pursue her Master’s in Nursing and become a neonatal nurse. She hopes to make a difference in the world.

Sandra G.
Freshman, John Jay College

Sandra is currently a sophomore at John Jay College majoring in Criminal Justice. Sandra is an extremely driven individual who has never let obstacles stand in her way of achieving her goals. She is proud of herself for graduating high school on time with good grades and being accepted into John Jay College, her first choice college. For Sandra, a college education will provide her with the tools and opportunities to make a mark in the world. She aspires to be an attorney. She also works part-time has a group leader in an after school program.

Peterson R.
Freshman, John Jay College

Peterson is currently a freshman at John Jay College and plans to major in Criminal Law. Peterson is very active in his community as an advocate for other youth in foster care. He currently serves as a youth speaker in the ACS Foster Care Youth Speakers Bureau and as a youth advocate for Youth A.W.A.K.E and for New Yorkers For Children’s Youth Advisory Board. He is also active in his agency, working with staff to lead teen workshops on independent living skills. During the summer, he volunteers his time with Habitat for Humanity. He is the first one from his family to attend college. He hopes to be a lawyer to speak and defend for those who cannot do it for themselves. He hopes to inspire other youth that with determination and hope, one can achieve anything. In his spare time he enjoys writing music, poetry, and short novels.

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