Cardinal McCloskey Services is working to help students in foster care make decisions about their futures before entering high school through the Using the Strategies for School Success Program.

Catholic Guardian Society and Home Bureau is helping youth in foster care in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island achieve their high school diploma or GED through individualized counseling, tutoring, and mentoring.

The Children’s Aid Society, one of our 2008 grantees, is connecting teens with practical work experiences that will help to prepare them for adulthood through the Next Generation Center’s Employment Training Program.

FedCap is working to connect youth in foster care with supportive adults to assist them as they transition out of care. The Transitions: Building Relationships and Resources program provides assessments, individualized employment coaching, job training, and job placement.

FEGS supports youth in foster care through the Academy program, which provides young people with comprehensive career education services in order to prepare them for independent adulthood.

The Goddard-Riverside Community Center offers two-part workshops to youth in foster care on college admissions and financial aid through the OPTIONS Center for Educational and Career Choice. OPTIONS provides youth with one-on-one counseling.

Good Shepherd Services, also a 2008 grantee, is hiring a Sanctuary Implementation Coordinator to fully implement the Sanctuary Model throughout the foster boarding home program.

Highbridge Community Life Center is working to reduce abuse and neglect and foster care placement in the Highbridge community of the South Bronx through Bridge Builders, a donors’ and community collaborative with Children’s Services.

The Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA) is using their funding from NYFC to continue implementing the Sanctuary Model into Family Foster Care Programs, a project they began in 2008 with NYFC’s support.

The New York Center For Children, another of our 2008 grantees, is implementing, developing, and expanding a group therapy program to help adolescents make the successful transition from foster care to healthy and productive adulthood.

New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, also a 2008 grantee, is hiring a full-time Master’s level clinician who provides therapeutic services to older youth in foster care to help them transition into adulthood.

The Osborne Association, another of our 2008 grantees, aims to improve permanency for youth in foster care who have an incarcerated parent through the Permanency Enhancement Project.

Safe Space is building on the success of their Far Rockaway Drop in Center (FRDIC), supported by New Yorkers For Children in 2008. They are working to adapt a 12-week curriculum to work with youth in foster care to help them improve their relationships with their current foster parents.

Staten Island Mental Health Society has created the Fostering Transition to Independence program, which delivers an evidence-based model called Transition to Independence (TIP) to youth in foster care who are abusing drugs and alcohol, or who have been impacted by alcohol and drug use in their families of origin.


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