New Yorkers For Children (NYFC) serves as the nonprofit partner for and works in support of the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). This partnership provides NYFC the unique opportunity to significantly impact New York City’s child welfare system. Throughout the year, NYFC and ACS collaborate on larger initiatives, which test best practices for serving New York City’s youth in care. NYFC currently funds several ACS initiatives, which are aimed at improving the lives of youth transitioning out of foster care. For more information on ACS, please visit their website at

The following are a few initiatives NYFC is currently supporting:

Civil Service Pathways for Youth in Foster Care and Juvenile Justice

ACS is developing a program design to support the readiness of young people to compete and secure civil service positions.  ACS’ Office of Child and Youth Initiatives (OCYI) will recruit youth in foster care and coordinate with the Division of Youth and Family Justice to identify youth in non-secure placement that express an interest in applying for a civil service exam.

College and Career Matrix for Youth in Foster Care

The ACS Office of Education Support and Policy Planning (OESPP) will institute a community scan in neighborhoods where a large number of teens in foster care reside to determine existing educational and vocational resources.  An advisor will create a College and Career Asset Map to showcase services and opportunities and will develop a direct referral system that will track a student’s inquiry from start to finish including an after-referral outcome assessment.

Driver’s Education for ACS-Involved Youth

ACS will explore the feasibility of training young people with ACS involvement in driver’s education including planning for a new initiative that would be implemented on a wider-scale.  Part of the feasibility assessment would include engaging driving schools with particular attention to those offering a driving career track.

Employee Well-Being Support Program

ACS will design an Employee Well-Being Support Program including staff focus groups and culling responses from an anonymous feedback/suggestions on-line in-box, classifying the most prevalent health issues among staff and identifying evaluative and assessment tools to track employee well-being outcomes.

LGBQ Population Count & Youth Climate Survey

ACS will design and conduct a two-phase LGBTQ foster care population count and youth climate survey.  The goal of these two phases is to learn how to best design and implement this survey system-wide, to establish a baseline estimate of LGBTQ youth in foster care, and to gain a better understanding of what the climate is life for these young people.

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