I have taken some time to internalize what I wanted to say to you all. I have recently been accepted as a part of the Duane Reade/Walgreens family. I was offered and had appreciably accepted a position as an Assistant Store Manager at Duane Reade. Although I was offered this position, I did not obtain it all by myself. During my time as a participant in the Youth CAN program, I took risks I haven’t taken before, gotten out of my comfort zone, and met some amazing people. The program provided me a foundation and resources that allowed me to support my vision toward getting to who and where I want to be. I have learned so much in the courses provided at North Shore LIJ Health System every Tuesday and the wholesome practices given from The Reciprocity Foundation every Friday. From both, I gained and enhanced my soft skills, which will be necessary during my new journey and later on in life. Furthermore, having the chance to work closely with my mentor from Walgreens, Michael, has allowed me to diligently work and focus on things I needed to improve, such as my interviewing skills, resume critiquing, body language and much more.

Overall, I would like to say THANK YOU for all of your determination and effort put into assisting youth, such as myself, with progressing and fulfilling dreams and mostly reaching success. You all have played a huge part in helping me get to where I am today, even if you believe it was the smallest of gestures shown. Every talk I had, advice that was given, laughs shared, memories reminisced, and introduction to someone made all the difference. Remember “Small steps make big feats.” Because of you, I was and am able to excel and utilize all I have learned to become a greater me and overcome whatever I encounter with great courage, skill and strength while helping others to do the same.

Youth CAN! Participant