In June 2008, New Yorkers For Children issued our first Request For Proposals (RFP) to foster care and preventive service agencies, supportive programs, and community based organizations that serve youth in foster care in New York City. NYFC was thrilled to receive 47 proposals in response to our RFP.

After a thorough review of the organizations and proposals by the Board of Directors’ Program Committee, NYFC funded 13 new programs in this grant year for a total of $816,101:

Children’s Aid Society’s Next Generation Center (NGC)

NYFC’s support will fund an Education Coordinator and a Youth Development Services Coordinator who will address the specialized needs of disconnected youth, with a focus on young adults who have been involved with the child welfare system.

Coalation for Hispanic Families

Funding will enhance the agency’s current Preparing Youth for Adulthood (PYA) program with a social skills development program that will provide training for 50 youth in care.

Fund For Social Change

NYFC will join a funding collaborative to promote the hiring of Parent Advocates by foster care agencies. These advocates are parents whose children have been placed in care, and have change their lives for the better, received extensive training, and have been reunited with their children. The collaborative will support a competitive process for foster care agencies to apply for funds to hire, train, support, and evaluate the Parent Advocate Initiative by the University of Chicago at Chapin Hall.

Good Shepherd

NYFC’s financial support will allow for the expansion and enhancement of the family engagement efforts of the Permanency Unit. Good Shepherd will hire a Parent Advocate to engage selected families in a residential facility with an ongoing program of workshops, activities and retreats to strengthen family bonds and parenting skills.

Graham Windham

As a result of NYFC funding, Graham Windham will engage in recruitment of new foster homes targeted for teenagers in their community of origin, focusing on Highbridge in the Bronx and East Harlem in Manhattan.

Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA)

This grant will support the design of a replicable model for family foster care that incorporates the principles and techniques of the Sanctuary Model, a trauma informed treatment model that JCCA introduced in their Westchester Campus. The Sanctuary Model provides both a philosophy and specific tools that will allow JCCA to better prepare youth for adulthood, improve family interactions among youth, their families and foster families and ensure permanency for children in care.

New Alternatives For Children (NAC)

NAC’s mission is to provide innovative, high quality services to families who are caring for children with special medical needs at home. With funding from NYFC, the One Step Forward program will encompass an array of youth development activities that meet the special needs of medically fragile teens and young adults and their siblings who are at present or have been in foster care.

New York Center For Children

The new Group Therapy program for youth in foster care, which will receive financial support from NYFC, aims to facilitate healthy transitions to successful adulthood. The program will focus on psychological issues as well as provide support and resources to help empower the teens.

New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC)

Through the support of NYFC, NYSPCC’s will hire a full-time specially trained clinician to provide support to teens, helping them process traumatic experiences and learn skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression to prepare them to become independent adults.

Osborne Association

NYFC’s grant will enhance the New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents by improving the well-being of older youth in foster care whose parents are in prison through data collection, clinical consultation, permanency planning, training, and policy and practice recommendation.

Safe Space

Funding will provide outreach, case management, education, employment training, independent life skills, support services and arts programming to youth in foster care at a new drop-in center in Far Rockaway, Queens.

The Door

The Door will add a Foster Care Services Coordinator to support their extensive programming for youth in foster care. The new Coordinator will provide young people with the intensive case management and counseling support they need during their transition to independence.

Youth Communications

With Children’s Services’ Office of Advocacy and Office of Youth Development, Youth Communications will use funding to develop a booklet of personal stories on building connections between birth parents and foster parents, written by the parents themselves. The booklet will focus on issues facing parent partners of pre-teens and teens, in particular, in order to support permanency for older youth.

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